WordWhile turns excerpts from classic books and other timeless texts into a unique fill-in-the-blank word game. It’ll have you chuckling, feeling smart and eventually reciting poetry in the shower. If you just want to relax getting to know some tidbits of great literature or challenge your memory of these classics, this app is just the thing.

The fine folks at Common Sense Media concur in their review of WordWhile: “This quirky word game is absolutely delightful for any word game enthusiast.”

A literary game for mobile mirth

You can now tickle and tweak proverbs, nursery rhymes, tongue twisters, sonnets, speeches and more on your iPhone, iPadAndroid or Kindle Fire device . Will you fill in the blanks with the author’s words or go for a laugh and choose the suggested novel alternative? It's up to you.  The literature won't mind, we promise. These are the perks of public domain works.

Relax poking literary gems

You can play at your pace in Zen Mode or heat things up somewhat with Timed play.   You needn't know these works of great literature by heart to enjoy playing this word game. However, should you wish to test your memory, you can do that too in the Virtuoso Race.

Wordplay, whimsy and more

Head over to our blog to read more about the making of WordWhile: how do we select the literary sources for the game and what tools come in handy when selecting Tricky or Silly Novel words for a text.  You'll also find a broader discussion of wordplay in literature.

We also care very much about education and learning and strive to create apps and games that support playful learning. It's not surprising then that teachers are choosing WordWhile as an English app for middle school or high school enrichment. We discuss education concerns on the blog as well.

Lastly, since we're book lovers and word nerds ourselves, we also like to write about other literary games that we enjoy. Whether it’s other apps that can be gateways to great literature, a board game or a website, we want to help you find it. Of course, when we recommend an app, sometimes it's available for both iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) and Android, but not always. Not every word game app be as inclusive as WordWhile!